Mavic 2 pro/zoom Dual power adaptor V1
2 XT60 Adaptor for running 2 batteries on each side of the Mavic 2 pro/zoom.
Get up to 38mis filght time.
Before buying if you need more info on battery mods this can be found on facebook groups please check these out if you do not know or never run mods before.
Here is a group that will help you out in running battery mods on the mavic 2, Long Range 4 Life
and the link to it is,

Coming soon
Coming soon
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WARNING: although we and others have tested these extensively, this is AT YOUR OWN RISK. DJI might not honour warranty in case of a crash!
Disclaimer:We cannot be held reasonable for as damage done to your drone in fitting these adaptors or fitting incorrectly.

As with all mods to drones you know the risks. Thank you