DJI Mavic Air battery Power Mod Adaptor
DJI Mavic Air Battery Power mod Adaptor High quality Adaptor for increasing flight time
LED light so you know when to connect the aux battery
Its best to use a single 1400mah lipo 11.1v this will give you 22 mins plus or a 3000 mah 30c 3s
To get the most out of this mod you will have to run it in non-dji battery mode
Has been tested up to 30mins flying time with a 3000 mah
More flight time for your Air.
More info on this mod can be found on the facebook group here link below,

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WARNING: although we and others have tested these extensively, this is AT YOUR OWN RISK. DJI might not honour warranty in case of a crash!
Disclaimer:We cannot be held reasonable for as damage done to your drone in fitting these adaptors or fitting incorrectly.

As with all mods to drones you know the risks. Thank you