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Mavic 2 Pro/ zoom Air remote repair micro-A USB charge port damaged. 

Has your DJI Maivc Pro remote not working or stuck or you have damaged the micro USB port? This is easy broken by connecting the cable the wrong way around.

DJI is using the micro A USB port on there remotes and the same on the Mavic 2 pro and zoom we are starting to get the Mavic 2 remotes sent in to us damage we at Uavmods are replacing the port with a micro-B which will stop you from connecting it the wrong way.
Note you will not be able to use your DJI cables but then most people use after market cables 

This service is for USB, 5D joystick button,record button,shutter button repair for you DJI Maivc 2 Pro Remote Controller.

Dji mavic 2 micro-B charge/usb port repair
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