• Mavic Pro Battery Mods

    How to use the Uavmods power adaptors

    mavic battery mod

    Mavic Pro

    WARNING: we have tested these extensively, this is AT YOUR OWN RISK. DJI might not honour warranty if you crash

    The adapter is inserted into the battery connector like shown in the picture.

    Insert the main DJI battery as usual and you will have the XT60 connector sticking out.

    You can use some double sided tape under the adapter to keep it more secure.


    You will need to use 3S LiPO or LiHV batteries. You can use any brand, size or capacity – just make sure they fit on the quad and are not too heavy.

    dji mavic pro battery mod adaptor

    Use 3M Dual Lock straight on the main battery (where the 4 LEDs are) and attaching a single aux battery that way. Alternatively, you can use two 3000mah on the side of the mavic with Dual lock.We have tested many aux batteries, and currently the best to use are the Hobbyking 3S Multistar LiHV High Capacity batteries of 3000 mAh (or less) you can use 2 4000 mah but this is the limit.


    We recommend the Hobbyking Turnigy chargers, SkyRC or iCharger to charge the external batteries.


    After flying, first carefully disconnect the aux battery/batteries from the XT60 connector before switching off the quad.


    dji spark battery mod adaptor

    DJI Spark Battery Power Mod Adaptor

    Fitting instructions come with the power adaptor

    Click on spark picture to see how to set spark into non dji battery mode

    You can run 1350mah to 1800mah maxamps battery.


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